Indaplovė Electrolux ESF5535LOW

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Indaplovė Electrolux ESF5535LOW

The dishwasher that adapts to what your dishes need
The dishwasher's smart AutoFlex function optimises water and energy use by adapting consumption and temperature to what the load size and soil level need for thorough cleaning.

For peace of mind, with this dishwasher "off" really does mean "off"
The AutoOff function makes sure the dishwasher uses absolutely no energy between cycles – the next step in energy efficiency for great peace of mind.

Wash dishes in between courses – in 30 minutes
When you've got a load of just-used plates and pans – such as in between courses at a dinner party – you can use this dishwasher's 30-minute quick program.

Wash up to 13 full place settings in one go with this dishwasher
The flexible racks and baskets in this dishwasher, enable you to place every item in the most efficient possible position. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to load up to 13 full place settings in just one go.

AirDry technology
Thanks to AirDry technology, the door lock on the dishwasher is automatically released during the last section of the dish cycle. The door opens 10cm automatically, allowing moisture to leave the dishwasher and natural airflow into the machine, speeding up the drying process.

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